2.31.1 The outcome of a bet on TV and Shows is based on the final results of the competition.

2.31.2 All bets will be settled only after the official results of the relevant competition or stage. Under no circumstances settlement will be made before that deadline.

2.31.3 Any decisions made by disciplinary or legal bodies before or during the competition/phase will be taken into consideration for settlement purposes (e.g. any penalties or disqualifications). If such decisions are taken after the official announcement of the winner will not affect the bets. 

  • Winner

You have to predict who will win the competition. In case of same placing the Ex Aequo rule applies 

  • Placed

You have to predict that the selected competitor will reach the podium (1st, 2nd or 3rd position).

  • Head to Head

You must predict which of the two selections specified in the bet, will win or which will get the highest position in the event.